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About us

About us

About us

The company Frutera was founded in 2021 and represents a modern look of family business. The enterprise and orchards are located in the village of Dirbi, Kareli Municipality.

Our company is currently focused on the production of various types of natural dried fruits, for which we use the methods of drying the fruits with infrared rays in completely hygienic conditions, ensuring the preservation of no less than 95% of the useful nutrients present in the fruit. The enterprise is arranged in accordance with the standards of the Georgian National Food Safety Agency.

The raw materials comprise of nitrate-free fruits grown in our own gardens, irrigated with the water of the Fron River. The area where the fruits are grown has belonged to generations of our family for centuries and we keep working tirelessly to create a distinguished product!


Our mission is to produce a quality product using quality raw materials and relevant technologies. We have the ambition to have the company's products stand out not only for their taste qualities, but also for the benefits they bring to our consumer's health.


The company currently produces 14 types of dried fruits. Several varieties of dried apples, black plums, pears and peaches among them.

Production takes place in an environment compliant with the existing standards, in the best hygienic conditions.

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